Gear not working? Let us fix it! All of your Audio and Gaming equipment eventually fails or begins to degrade in quality, leaving you with a decision to repair it of junk it.  Either way, we can help.  Let us fix your equipment or, if you choose to get rid of it, let us buy it! Most audio equipment can be effectively repaired.  We can even fix your old gaming systems, such as SEGAs and Nintendos. Here are some of the current items that we have in-stock for immediate sale. Send us an email if you are interested!

Midnight vU

Give your Presonus TubePre some extra kick with the Midnight Mod.  Custom vU and tube illumination, along with a premium Input, Output and Power component upgrade.

Midnight Mod Game Gear

SEGA! Give your old Game Gear new life or buy one of our completed consoles, with or without the mod.